Car Services - Log Book Servicing, RWC & More


Servicing & Log Book Servicing

ADR can perform a manufacturer's log book service or general service on your vehicle.
The requirements vary from car to car, so we will be happy to advise you on the cost of a car service for your specific model. The service will vary if your car has special requirements such as 4WD, diesel or European model.
Feel free to contact us or our team with any questions you may have.

Brakes & Clutch

You carry some important cargo in your car and your families safety relies on the reliability of your car. Brakes should be checked every six months and at ADR we check them as part of your car service.

RACV Vehicle Inspections

At ADR we complete RACV Vehicle Inspections as part of the Accredited Auto Care Centre Network. All RACV Vehicle Inspections are completed to the RACV standards. At ADR we offer Mobile and Workshop based inspections in Eastern Melbourne including Ringwood and Car City.

VicRoads RWC

Automotive Diagnostics & Repairs is a VicRoads Licenced Vehicle Tester. You will need a RWC when a vehicle is sold, requires a new registration or to clear a vehicle defect.

A RWC inspection is to check the key components of a vehicle are in a fit condition for safe road use. The roadworthiness test is not a check of the mechanical reliability or overall condition of the vehicle. If you require a comprehensive check of the overall condition of the vehicle you should book an RACV Vehicle Inspection.

Fleet Vehicles

Our priority fleet management service works in with your scheduling, to get your vehicle back on the road faster. Same day servicing allows us to professionally service your vehicle and deal with any minor repairs.

ADR also keeps accurate records of service history and provides a reminder service to let you know of your next car service.

Steering & Suspension

Worn steering, suspension and rive line components can cause excessive road noise, vibration and premature tyre wear and misalignment. At ADR our qualified mechanics can diagnose where the issue is coming from and replace worn parts so you regain steering control and handling so you vehicle returns to its original operating performance.

If you are having steering of suspension problems or if you hear unusual noises when driving over bumps or dips in the road call us for an inspection of your steering and suspension.

Windscreen Repairs & Maintenance

Has your windscreen got cracks and stone chips? If so we can fix them for you and if not we can arrange for a new windscreen to be fitted by a professional windscreen installer. We will not let you waste your money on a repair if we do not think it will last the distance.

Feel free to contact us or our team with any questions you may have.