Get Your Car Serviced with ADR Before Selling It

When selling your car, it is in your best interest to have it serviced. You can sell it with peace of mind, it will sell faster, and it is more attractive to prospective buyers. Here are some reasons to get your car serviced with ADR Car Mechanic Ringwood before you put your vehicle up for sale.

  • Safety
    When you have your car serviced with ADR you will know that there are no major defects with the car that will impact on its safety. You will have peace of mind knowing that you are selling a safe car.

  • A Quicker Sale
    Prospective buyers will know that the services are up to date. This will make them feel more secure about the mechanics of the car and therefore will be more comfortable about buying it. They also know that they will not have to pay to service the car straight away.

  • A Smoother Test Drive
    The car will run better on a test drive after it has been serviced.

  • Faster to Obtain RWC Melbourne Areas
    You will have an idea of what needs to be done to obtain a certificate of roadworthiness and have time to get it done before selling.

  • More Cash in Your Pocket
    A good working car is more valuable than a car that needs servicing and repairs. You can get a higher price for the vehicle.

  • A Firm Sale Price
  • You will find out any small problems that the car has and be able to organise to have them fixed. If your car has a lot of small faults, the buyer will be in a position to bargain with you on price.

When selling your car you want the best price possible, peace of mind and a quick sale. Getting your car serviced with ADR Victoria before selling it will help you to meet all of the points above. In addition to this make sure that it is spotlessly clean both inside and out.